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An end-to-end multimedia cloud solution for companies, creators, and developers.

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BlendVision One

A no-code video platform for businesses to rapidly stream their content.

All-in-one Streaming
  1. Livestream
  2. Video Encoding
  3. Video on Demand
  4. Digital Rights Management(DRM)
  5. Ultra-low Latency Livestream
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BlendVision for OTT

Tailored excellence in enterprise-grade managed OTT solutions.

Customizable OTT Solutions
  1. Monetization (AVOD, TVOD, FAST, Subscription, Pay-per-view)
  2. Support million users at 99.98% SLA
  3. Multi-devices (APP, Web, TV, Set-top box)
  4. AI recommendation engine
  5. Membership system
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BlendVision AiSK

AI powered conversational assistant to chat with your own data.

Conversational AI Assistant
  1. Universal Source Compatibility
  2. Quick setup, no code solution
  3. Make Your Video Communicative
  4. Deliver source-based answer securely and instantly
  5. Customization & styling
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No-code simplicity or low-code flexibility, it's up to you.

BlendVision's flexible APIs and SDKs allow easy integration for businesses of all sizes, empowering developers to customize and enhance video experiences with just a few lines of code.

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A wealth of AI digital asset management solutions for you to choose from to expand your media might.

Client Testimonials

Giloo successfully gave thousands of festival attendees streaming access to our full collection of feature-length documentaries—this was only possible because of BlendVision's cutting-edge transcoding technology, Hollywood-grade DRM, and extensive content delivery experience.
James Teng

James Teng

Director at Giloo

We've seen a big spike in revenue with a 1.5x increase in daily active users, and we expect our business to continue growing.
Satoshi Miyaji

Satoshi Miyaji

General Manager, KDDI Entertainment Promotion Department

With BlendVision's streaming solution, KKTV has adopted the most advanced video encoding solution and bandwidth optimization strategies. With the help of BlendVision's team, we can focus on content management and provide KKTV's viewers with a better streaming experience.
Vince Huang

Vince Huang

General Manager, KKTV

With BlendVision’s multi-angle live solution, Foxconn members across 20 countries and regions were able to join our online Year-End-Party in 4K UHD quality seamlessly. We focused on hosting a great party and BlendVision's solution connected us all together.


BlendVision's strength lies in its ability to provide integrated solutions, especially for video distribution services. Because they have an end to end development system, we can engage deeply with them to provide solutions.
Hironobu Takeda

Hironobu Takeda


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