BlendVision 助臺北市數位學習教育中心打造嶄新線上教育串流平台
BlendVision Collaborates with Taipei City Digital Learning Education Center to Develop a New Online Educational Streaming Platform

BlendVision Collaborates with Taipei City Digital Learning Education Center to Develop a New Online Educational Streaming Platform



With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and streaming media, the modes of online learning and the viewing habits of students have also changed. Traditional video output learning can no longer meet students' learning needs, and the education sector is looking forward to transforming it into a two-way interactive teaching through technology empowerment, allowing students to learn autonomously through videos and get immediate answers when they have questions.

Customer story——Taipei City Digital Learning Education Center

The Taipei City Government's Department of Education aims for the sustainable development of digital learning, creating a digital learning educational cloud service for Taipei City— "CooC:  Taipei Cool Course Cloud." This platform provides a wealth of educational resources, including course videos, lecture notes, and test questions, enabling teachers and students from all levels in Taipei City to learn online anytime, anywhere.

In response to the online streaming trend and student needs, the Taipei City Digital Learning Education Centerning Center collaborated with BlendVision on the upgrade project of CooC Taipei Cool Course Cloud, hoping to create a more interactive and personalized online learning experience through the introduction of AI technology.

"Students can ask questions through the platform to AiSK and receive instant answers about the course material, as well as recommendations on which video to watch and at what time to start, breaking through the boundaries of traditional learning and fostering students' abilities for autonomous and lifelong learning, laying a solid foundation for the future."

—Director of Taipei City Digital Learning Education Center and Principal of Taipei First Girls High School, Chen Zhiyuan

How BlendVision Helps CooC+ Become the Next-Generation Online Learning Platform

The BlendVision team has partnered with CooC Taipei Cool Course Cloud to enhance the learning experience with the following upgrades:

  • Redesigned the platform interface to provide a learning journey akin to binge-watching a series.
  • Integrated the AI-powered learning assistant AiSK, allowing students to ask questions in text and receive answers directly from the videos.

BlendVision's smart learning assistant AiSK brings three major functionalities to empower the CooC+ platform with AI, enabling students to engage in a one-to-one two-way interactive teaching environment while watching course video materials. Students can input questions into AiSK’s chat interface and get instant answers: 

  • Trustworthy AI Responses: AI answers are based on the Cool Course Cloud's video teaching content, and it clearly indicates the source of the material or instructional video, avoiding uncontrolled inaccurate information from the internet, allowing students to quickly obtain reliable answers.
  • AI Semantic Fuzziness Search: Utilizes a Large Language Model (LLM) to better understand students’ questions without the need for precise keywords, making it easy to converse and receive the correct answers.
  • Modular Knowledge Management: A flexible modular data source combination method allows CooC+ to switch corresponding AI teaching assistants for different subjects.

The CooC+ platform's interface is designed to be clean and user-friendly, enabling students to quickly find the learning resources they need.

The homepage features a large carousel that displays the latest course videos. Below the carousel, videos are categorized by different subjects and themes, allowing students to easily find the videos they want to watch according to their needs.

Clicking on an individual video takes the user to the video playback interface. On the right side of the interface are thumbnails of the video, while the left side features a column with video information. Below this are related course videos, allowing students to quickly explore more related content.

In the lower right corner of the video playback interface, there is a small widget. Students can click on this widget to expand a window and interact with the AI-powered learning assistant, AiSK. 

Students can enter any question related to the course content, and AiSK will provide answers based on the content of the course. AiSK's responses are displayed as text in the chat window.

The CooC+ platform backend provides detailed viewing data. Teachers can use this data to monitor students' learning progress and make adjustments based on their learning needs.

Here is an example of a student using CooC+ to learn mathematics:

Kevin is a third-grade elementary school student. He is learning the concept of "comparing sizes" in his mathematics course. He learned this concept at school but was unsure where it was mentioned in the video when he wanted to review it online using CooC+. Therefore, he decided to seek help using AiSK.

Kevin entered the following question in AiSK's chat interface:

"What is a fraction?"

Based on Kevin's question, AiSK found the answer from thousands of course videos. Moreover, AiSK also provided the source of the course videos, including all the videos that mention comparing sizes, along with their timestamps.

By clicking on each timestamp, the corresponding segment of the video pops up in full screen for continued learning. Kevin was able to successfully resolve his issue following AiSK’s responses. He also saved the video for future review.


The introduction of BlendVision's AiSK enables students to receive immediate answers anytime, anywhere, enhancing learning efficiency. CooC+ will revolutionize digital learning in Taiwan.

For any needs related to setting up online educational platforms or next-generation learning systems, please contact BlendVision.

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