微軟 Azure Media Services(AMS)將退役,如何無痛移轉並享受更豐富的影音串流服務?
Seamless Transition from Retiring Azure Media Services (AMS) to Enjoy Better Streaming Services

Seamless Transition from Retiring Azure Media Services (AMS) to Enjoy Better Streaming Services



Declaration of Microsoft Azure Media Services Retirement

Microsoft's cloud platform Azure announced that its Media Services will retire on June 30, 2024. Customers currently using the service are advised to complete the service transition before this date, as they will no longer be able to access their Media Services accounts after retirement. In addition, other documents mention that the Media Player will retire on the same day too.


Frequently Asked Questions on Azure Media Services Retirement

The FAQs below are the key points, impacts, and solutions for the AMS retirement announcement:

1. What services will disappear along with Azure Media Services?

The core services will disappear with AMS, including on-demand encoding, live streaming, on-demand streaming, content protection workflows, and Azure Media Player.

2. Why is Microsoft retiring Azure Media Services?

Microsoft officially explained: "Microsoft  focusing on strategic areas of secular growth and long-term competitiveness for the company."

3. What do current Azure Media Services customers need to do before the retirement date?

Before June 30, 2024, current AMS customers need to find a new service provider, such as BlendVision, to ensure their needs for streaming and encoding are unaffected.

4. What happens if the transition is not completed after the retirement date?

After June 30, 2024, Microsoft will no longer support AMS, and access to Media Services accounts will not be available. As for customer data, there will be two scenarios:

(1) Customer videos and associated files (e.g., .ism, .ismc, and .mp4 files) will be stored in the Azure storage account, unaffected.

(2) Account data for Media Services, such as streaming endpoints, live events, asset metadata, etc., will be deleted after the retirement date.

5. What are the Alternatives of Azure Media Services?

Microsoft officially released an Azure Media Services retirement guide, which assists customers in transitioning their services. BlendVision is a strategic partner of Microsoft and has helped many customers achieve a seamless transition from AMS. BlendVision not only provides the core services available on AMS but also offers more comprehensive functionality and reliable service support.

  • BlendVision's all-in-one video streaming solution, "BlendVision One", is available for direct subscription on the Azure Marketplace. It can be used immediately upon opening a browser without extra time spent on downloading and installing software or worrying about system compatibility issues.
  • It supports a variety of devices, in addition to Web-view, it also supports Native OS including Web, iOS, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Airplay, etc..
  • From real-time video to large-scale live broadcasts with ultra-low latency less than 3 seconds, you can choose to use them and interact with the audience through chat rooms and voting functions.

Besides, with years of experience serving large international corporations, BlendVision's team can customize large-scale video platform functions you need, and use proprietary PTE (Per-Title Encoding) and PSE (Perceptual Streaming Engine) technology to provide most cost-effective bandwidth usage and cloud storage, helping enterprises reduce transmission costs by up to 80%.

6. Is the transition troublesome?

BlendVision has a professional technical team to help customers smoothly transition from AMS to BlendVision, offering solutions that best fit your business models. Customers do not have to worry about potential technical problems during the transition, and you can obtain a more comprehensive streaming service.

Now, BlendVision has prepared a simple transition guide for Azure Media Services customers. Just follow these three steps, and you'll be set up in your new home:

  • Step 1: Obtain your BlendVision One account
  • Step 2: Transfer your existing AMS video assets
  • Step 3: Start new video streaming with BlendVision One

7. Do video files need to be re-encoded after transitioning to BlendVision?

Video files transferred from AMS to BlendVision do not need to be re-encoded. For customers with a large number of video files, this can significantly reduce the waiting time for the re-encoding and fasten the transition process.

8. How do I start transitioning to BlendVision?

Fill out the contact form below, and our professional team will be in touch with you, assisting you in achieving a seamless transition and also upgrading to a superior streaming service, thus crafting a more ideal monetization model.

BlendVision: Seamless Transition and Upgrade from Azure Media Services (AMS)

When looking for a transition alternative for Azure Media Services, BlendVision, a multimedia technology brand under the multinational technology group KKCompany Technologies, is certainly the one you should consult first.

BlendVision is an international leading video streaming technology platform, providing comprehensive video streaming solutions and flexible modular products. Fulfilling the demands of different streaming services like live events broadcasting, encoding, encryption and content monetization. Our clients span across domestic and international telecom, media and entertainment, sports and fitness, online education, and more, assisting them establish their ideal business model.

Enjoy BlendVision's services now:

  • Comprehensive video streaming solutions to meet your various video business needs
  • Technical and consulting team with years of experience serving International clients
  • Provide streaming quality with a 99.98% SLA(Service Level Agreement) for millions of users
  • Over 12 million minutes of video transcoding every year
  • Supports various integration methods: No-code platform, API, and SDK
  • Capable of integrating with Azure storage space and CDN services

Fill out the contact form below, and our professional team will contact you to help you easily complete the service transition. For customers currently using Azure Media Services, complete the form now to get free:

  • Transition consulting services
  • Trial account

Contact BlendVision and let’s help you create a more ideal business monetization model.

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