革命性的 AI 客服技術,如何強化影音導購力?
Revolutionary AI Customer Service Technology: How it Strengthens Video-Guided Shopping?

Revolutionary AI Customer Service Technology: How it Strengthens Video-Guided Shopping?



When it comes to AI customer service, many might immediately think of the LINE chatbot and online banking customer service systems. However, AI customer service is no longer just chatbots. This technology has become an essential tool for solving problems, providing information, and accelerating consumption, far surpassing traditional human customer service. This article explores the revolutionary impact of AI customer service across various industries.

24/7 Customer Service + Sales Capability

Firstly, AI customer service can provide 24/7 instant responses, overcoming the limitations of human customer service hours. This means that customers can always receive support. Moreover, AI customer service can handle a large volume of similar queries, avoiding human errors and maintaining high efficiency to ensure consistently high-quality service.

Moreover, if this AI customer service can incorporate recommendations and guided shopping features in each interaction with customers, it means that customers can continuously market more products. In other words, AI not only serves as customer service but also acts as a tireless super salesperson for brands.

AI Customer Service's Assistance in Online Education

In the online education field, AI customer service offers invaluable help to students. Firstly, it assists students in easily finding the courses they need, saving time and effort. Through keyword searches and conversations, students can find educational content that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, by analyzing students' learning history and interests, AI customer service can personalize recommendations for more documents, audio, and video courses, stimulating students' interest in learning. Most thoughtfully, AI customer service can also help students organize summaries of entire video teaching content, improving learning efficiency.

AI Customer Service's Help in the Entertainment Industry

OTT streaming platforms greatly benefit from AI customer service. First, AI customer service assists viewers in using open-ended questions to easily find the movies or shows they want to watch, saving time and reducing irrelevant content. Secondly, AI customer service helps viewers find key dialogue in movies, allowing them to quickly watch the parts they are interested in, providing a new viewing experience.

Additionally, AI customer service can answer viewers' questions about subscription fees or individual purchase costs, helping viewers make informed choices. It can even predict the combinations of interests viewers might purchase next, so brands don't need to hire additional staff to answer repetitive questions.

AI Customer Service's Contribution to the Aesthetic Medicine Industry

On aesthetic medicine consulting platforms, AI customer service also plays a key role. Firstly, it helps consumers use open-ended questions to easily find their interested cosmetic categories from the brand's professional knowledge base and watch related doctor's advice or experience videos, providing a more professional assessment experience.

Secondly, AI customer service assists consumers in solving problems, helping them determine the cosmetic procedures they want to purchase. For example, when a consumer types, "Which is better for skin tightening ultrasound or radio frequency?", AI customer service provides introductions and tutorial videos about relevant cosmetic surgeries, allowing consumers to quickly find the information they need.

Knowledge Base Video and AI Customer Service

BlendVision's AiSK combines AI customer service technology with a rich video database, accurately analyzing and understanding customer needs, and providing corresponding suggestions to guide customers to the most suitable documents, audio, and video collections. Whether in online video education, OTT entertainment, or the cosmetic medicine industry, this function helps consumers more quickly find the content and products they need.

AI customer service is not only a future trend but also a current hot demand. Whether in education, entertainment, medical, or e-commerce fields, AI customer service has proven its value, enhancing consumer purchasing power. BlendVision's AiSK function represents the latest development, offering consumers a better experience while also creating more business opportunities for enterprises.

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