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Simplify your information journey. BlendVision AiSK gets straight to the point, providing direct, insightful answers from your own data.

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No-code Setup in Minutes

Create your proprietary conversational AI in a few minutes – all in a no-code environment.

LLM for Communicate Videos

Advanced Large Language Model (LLM) lets you easily find and summarize a specific video segment.

Secure Data, Reliable Answer

Develop your very own AI knowledge base. Your data is trained to answer your queries only. No learning from your data and sharing to others.

Boost ROI and Customer Engagement

Save internal operational and training costs. Elevate revenue by increasing user engagement in your platforms.

Feature Highlights

Universal Source Compatibility

Compatible with an abundance of data sources and formats to craft your own AI knowledge bases.

AI-Powered Multimedia Transcription

Transform audio and video content into script with precise timestamps automatically.

Intuitive AI Semantic Search

Interact with an AI chatbot that understand your queries, even when you're unsure of the exact keywords.

Authentic AI Responses with Citations

Receive trustworthy and concise answers backed by direct citations to your original data sources from your very own AI teaching assistant, amplifying productivity.

Customization & Styling

Customize your AI chatbot's response type, look and feel, aligning them with your business style.

Effortless Deployment

Deploy your AI chatbot effortlessly on your platform with different methods, including Weblink, iFrame and Widget.

Modular Design Knowledge Management

Construct diverse knowledge bases from various data source combinations, curating bespoke AI chatbots for distinct audiences and applications.

How Organizations use AiSK

Discover the transformative impact of AiSK across various industries.

e-Learning Platform

AiSK serves as an AI teaching assistant, instantly answering student queries and recommending tailored learning resources. This boosts engagement on the learning platform and enhances students' willingness to subscribe or purchase additional courses.

Enterprise Communication

AiSK consolidates disparate documents and videos into a smart assistant, significantly enhancing communication efficiency across the enterprise, particularly on employee onboarding costs, which average between US$7,000 and $9,000 per new hire.

Retail and E-Commerce

AiSK helps online visitors compare products by consolidating information from product descriptions, tutorial guides, influencer unboxing videos, and customer reviews. This elevates both conversion rates and customer satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Legal Service

AiSK aids lawyers by quickly searching through extensive cases, academic articles, business documents, and even online meeting transcripts. The assistant can also draft preliminary legal documents, considerably boosting productivity.


Content creators can swiftly locate documents and video segments from a massive array of raw files, speeding up content generation. AiSK can also serve as customer service on your website to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates, growing your revenue from advertisement or extending subscription.


AiSK condenses key points from auto-transcribed meeting recordings, allowing both attendees and absentees to grasp the main topics discussed without having to review the entire video.

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