科科科技 BlendVision AiSK 榮獲 MTE 國際創新發明獎
BlendVision AiSK Wins MTE’s International Innovation Award

BlendVision AiSK Wins MTE’s International Innovation Award



BlendVision AiSK impresses judges with AI multimedia technology and brings home silver and bronze medals

KKCompany Technologies, a leading multinational technology group, today announced that its AI-powered multimedia knowledge mining platform “BlendVision AiSK” has received the International Innovation Award bronze medal at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2024. Held in Kuala Lumpur, the MTE is at the forefront of celebrating excellence in innovation by bringing together outstanding researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs globally. Aiming to honor breakthroughs and innovative inventions, the International Innovation Awards (IIA), has been the most recognized of all the awards presented throughout MTE for over 20 years.

BlendVision AiSK won the MTE’s IIA bronze award in the ICT category. Its unique technology analyzes and recomposes various types of data. With the help of AI, AiSK is able to create innovative applications such as video auto tagging, hyper-personalized recommendation, audios/videos analysis and semantic search to improve efficiency and unleash new possibilities for multimedia experience, ideal for online education, corporate training, e-commerce, customer service and more.

“BlendVision is dedicated to facilitating communication and knowledge dissemination with AI-enabled audio and video applications,” said Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager of Multimedia Technologies, KKCompany Technologies. “At the expo, we noted a significant interest from the higher education sector in Malaysia in utilizing AI for learning. BlendVision AiSK’s AI knowledge mining technique enables education institutions to quickly deploy AI to enhance the quality of interaction in multimedia teaching while creating a more inspiring learning environment for students. With successful corporate experience in Taiwan and Japan, we hope to aid the Malaysian education industry in innovating the learning experience,” he added. Visitors at the expo were greatly impressed by the team’s demonstration of CooC+ service, a collaborative project between BlendVision and the Taipei e-Learning Education Center . The AI-powered interactive service transforms video-based one-way learning into an engaging two-way communication where students can enjoy personalized, interactive question-and-answer sessions.

The MTE was BlendVision AiSK’s first overseas exposition. With a theme of “Blend,” the booth design incorporated the ideas of flowing lines, lights and shadows, symbolizing BlendVision’s capability of infusing AI with multimedia technologies. The eye-catching display and rich demo of the immersive multimedia exhibit wowed the panel of judges. BlendVision won the silver medal for the booth design.

Kevin C.H. Lee delivered an electrifying speech “Mastering Attention Economy: How AI-powered Multimedia Boosts E-learning and Corp Communication” at  MTE. — Picture courtesy of PROTEMP Exhibitions & Conferences Sdn Bhd

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