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KKCompany Technologies joins Microsoft startup initiative and advances AI-powered cloud streaming solutions in Southeast Asia

KKCompany Technologies joins Microsoft startup initiative and advances AI-powered cloud streaming solutions in Southeast Asia



KKCompany is announcing its participation in the Microsoft startup initiative, “Highway to 100 Unicorns,” a startup accelerator program aimed to support startup innovation and strengthen the startup ecosystem in the Asia region.

KKCompany aims to seize more opportunities with its AI-powered cloud streaming solutions through the program – providing new services through its subsidiary KKBOX, a music streaming platform, and Blend Vision, an AI solution to empower digital information flow.  In addition, A brand-new product, “BlendVision AiSK”, an AI powered chatbot for enterprise multimedia data, scheduled for release in 2023 Q4.

Founded in Taiwan and active in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, KKCompany specializes in multimedia technology, cloud, and AI to provide comprehensive digital transformation products and services for enterprise customers. “KKCompany is honored to join the Unicorn Initiative as a strategic partner and broaden our development plans with Microsoft,” said Steve Wang, Chairman and CEO of KKCompany. “With Microsoft’s support, we are strongly positioned to expand our application of AI and accelerate business growth in Southeast Asia.”

Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia, emphasizes the importance of harnessing the cloud platform for driving innovation, citing the collaboration with KKCompany in Southeast Asia.

“We’re thrilled to welcome KKCompany to our distinguished roster of innovative startups in the ‘Highway to 100 Unicorns’ program. This collaboration heralds a new era of AI and offers an exciting opportunity to fuel innovation within the music and streaming industry. By combining the capabilities of Microsoft Azure platform with KKCompany’s specialized expertise in streaming and multimedia, we are poised to strengthen the AI partner ecosystem in Asia and empower more customers to accelerate with AI.”  

BlendVision is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

BlendVision brings the latest cloud, and AI technology, including generative AI and video intelligence, to OTT platforms, e-learning, and developers around the world. Its marquee product “BlendVision One” provides three key features: real-time live streaming, smart video encoding, and on-demand video hosting.  It helps enterprises create branded audio-visual content centers with best-in-class content protection mechanisms. Azure Media Services(AMS) customers will be able to complete migration with a single click to enjoy a comprehensive smart streaming experience free from technical issues.

“The BlendVision platform has been tested and optimized by tens of millions of users every month for over nine years and has supported the commercial success of the top 10 OTT platforms in the Japanese market,” said Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager of Multimedia Business at KKCompany Technologies. “The BlendVision One video streaming solution for SMBs allows customers to build their own in-house video streaming platforms and manage their own data knowledge through conversational AI. It helps reduce the cost of content delivery by 40-60% through AI-powered video analytics while generating new content from existing video material, improving efficiency and giving content new value.”

New product “BlendVision AiSK” for Video Streaming technology leverages Azure OpenAI Service to provide customized AI databases for enterprises

With the rise of remote work and online meetings, enterprises are turning to video for information sharing. Analyzing video data is complex, making effective interaction vital for enhanced efficiency.

BlendVision will launch a new product in Q4 called “BlendVision AiSK” with query capabilities to help enterprises integrate Azure OpenAI Service with their internal documents, audio/video data, and various productivity apps. This new capability will enable users to search for information through conversational Q&A and combs through meeting videos for data, solving the problem of scattered and ineffective use of data while simplifying internal knowledge sharing.

KKBOX’s AI-powered modularized music streaming technology empowers enterprise customers

Over the past two decades, KKBOX has connected creators and fans by delivering top quality streaming experiences to music lovers. Their next goal is to take it one step further, modularizing music streaming technology and provide SaaS services for enterprise customers. These services include playback systems, AI recommendations, search engines, and front and back-end management systems. The AI-powered modularized solution can be applied to diverse scenarios, such as creating a new music streaming platform or setting up a public broadcasting system.

“The development of the sound economy is not limited to music and entertainment,” said Michael Yeh, General Manager of Music Streaming Business at KKCompany Technologies. “We have engaged with many multinational enterprises in various industries. We help telecom companies build next-generation music streaming platforms and improve the categorization of music libraries through AI. This creates a more detailed interactive listening experience. With Microsoft’s technology, we can create more innovative services that combine AI and music streaming and generate new momentum in the industry.”

Media and entertainment organizations can achieve remarkable goals with the help of a wide range of solutions provided by the ecosystem that excel in creative, collaborative, content, and customized services.

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