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AI Tutor Revolutionizes Learning: KKCompany & Taipei CooC-Cloud Launch CooC+

AI Tutor Revolutionizes Learning: KKCompany & Taipei CooC-Cloud Launch CooC+



KKCompany collaborates with Taipei CooC-Cloud e-learning center to transform Taipei City CooC Cloud with BlendVision AiSK, elevating it to 'CooC+'

KKCompany Technologies was invited to attend the "10th Anniversary Gratitude Party" of the Taipei CooC-Cloud e-learning center. At the event, they unveiled the upgraded "CooC+" project of the Taipei CooC-Cloud educational streaming platform for the first time. To enhance Cool Course Cloud's impact, KKCompany revamped its user interface, amplifying user experience and teaching quality. An exciting addition was the integration of KKCompany's cutting-edge AI-powered conversational assistant, BlendVision AiSK. This enhancement enabled CooC+ to morph into an all-encompassing AI tutor, where students can pose questions and promptly receive accurate answers from instructional videos.

In pursuit of the sustainable development of digital learning, the Taipei City Government's Education Bureau established the Taipei CooC-Cloud e-learning center in 2013. They brought together digital education experts, teachers, and private institutions to collaboratively develop a digital learning cloud service tailored for Taipei, fostering digital education and promoting instructional transformation. Chen Zhi Yuan, Director of the Taipei CooC-Cloud e-learning center and Principal of Taipei First Girls High School, stated, "Stepping into the AI-centric education era, our collaboration with KKCompany leverages  CooC-Cloud's rich content to train the AI conversational assistant, AiSK, giving birth to a tailored learning aide. Students engage with AI, fetching instant answers from materials and receiving tailored video recommendations, optimizing their learning pace. With the AI-driven CooC+ initiative, we're transcending conventional learning, shaping students for a future anchored in self-driven and continual education."

Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager of the Multimedia Technology Business Group at KKCompany Technologies, explained, "Our product, BlendVision AiSK, can analyze various data types and retrain them into large language models. It conducts analyses and generates precise answers and information recommendations for every question or semantic search. This significantly enhances efficiency across online education, corporate training, e-commerce, and customer service inquiries. Our synergy with the Taipei CooC-Cloud e-learning center in crafting 'CooC+' merges video streaming with AI, turning passive learning into an interactive experience. This equips students with immediate answers and helps educators refine content based on feedback, ushering Taiwan into the AI-driven educational era."

Three Pillars of BlendVision AiSK Enhancing CooC+

Utilizing the trio of capabilities from BlendVision AiSK, an AI-centric platform emerges. This empowers CooC+ to comprehend and engage with its vast instructional database, facilitating real-time personalized online tutoring:

  • Reliable Generative AI: Responses derived from CooC+'s vetted content, clearly signposting their source, ensuring students access credible insights sans internet misinformation.
  • AI Semantic Search: Leveraging large language models (LLM) to understand student queries better, eliminating the need for precise keywords. Even casual conversations can also produce accurate responses.
  • Modular Knowledge Management: With flexible modular data source combinations, CooC+ can switch corresponding AI assistants tailored for different subjects.

CooC+ will gradually be made available for teachers and students across all levels of schools in Taipei City. Stay updated by visiting the CooC-Cloud e-learning website at!

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