KKCompany 全球發表雲端一站式影音服務 BlendVision One
KKCompany Launches BlendVision One, a Cloud-based One-Stop Streaming Technology Service

KKCompany Launches BlendVision One, a Cloud-based One-Stop Streaming Technology Service



Live streaming, smart video encoding, and Video on demand – comprehensive suite of services in one centralized platform

Taipei, Taiwan, June 21, 2023 – KKCompany Technologies, a leading multinational technology group, recently unveiled its cloud-based, one-stop video SaaS (Streaming as a Service) - BlendVision One through a subscription model, during a prestigious global launch event held in Tokyo. BlendVision One provides live streaming, smart video encoding, and VOD (video-on-demand) hosting platform, allowing users to instantly enjoy the world's leading multimedia streaming technology by simply logging in to their accounts.

As video streaming gradually surpasses traditional viewing habits, more and more companies today urge to introduce streaming technology and deploy innovative applications to accelerate marketing communications, but don't know where to start or may encounter a host of problems such as live streaming delays, poor image quality, storage management, and risk of content leaks. With BlendVision One, users can transcode video content files to streamable video formats, and harness the power of AI technology to significantly improve transcoding efficiency and save operational costs. BlendVision One is also capable of hosting worldwide live streaming events in 4K integrated with Ultra Low Latency Live technology, allowing viewers to enjoy the best streaming services no matter where they are in the world. Furthermore, BlendVision One offers a centralized management system for a large number of multimedia files, together with a comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) mechanism to encrypt content and prevent illegal copying, as a result, content can be securely streamed on any playback device worldwide.

"’BlendVision One embodies the essence of 'One' as an all-in-one cloud platform that empowers enterprises to fulfill their multimedia needs at once", said Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager of Multimedia Business at KKCompany Technologies, adding that "KKCompany has accumulated its years of cloud service experience from building and operating streaming services for tens of millions of users for their international enterprise customers.  By embracing the SaaS business model, we aim to bring enterprise grade services accessible to customers of all sizes. The no-code SaaS multimedia platform enables all industries to easily cross the threshold of digital transformation and leverage streaming technology to create the ideal business commercialization model".


BlendVision One's Three Major Features Empower Companies to Create Their Own Brand Multimedia Center

KKCompany’s BlendVision One addresses the challenges and constraints of streaming services and empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of digital media transformation with three key features:

  • Live Streaming: Supports Ultra Low Latency Live technology and 4K UHD resolution, and delivers an immersive experience to viewers through an easy-to-use interface, customized video player, and interactive modules such as chat room and polls. In addition, the platform includes multiple DRM options, including regional and domain restrictions, watermarks, 1:1 authentication, and many other functions, so that users can stream live to the world with peace of mind.
  • Smart Video Encoding: KKCompany’s proprietary Per-Title Encoding (PTE) AI technology is able to automatically identifies different bit rates for optimal video compression and transcoding, free up storage space by 60%. BlendVision One also integrates Perceptual Streaming Engine (PSE) to enhance the visual performance of the original video, maximizing the quality of the video while saving up to 80% in transmission costs.
  • Video On Demand: BlendVision One is a one-stop video management platform that allows users to easily upload, manage, and publish videos, also integrates global content delivery network servers (CDNs) and a responsive video player, or you can embed videos into a website. Now your viewers will get to enjoy a seamless viewing experience no matter where they are or what device they are using.

KKCompany Forms Alliances with Partners to Accelerate Overseas Market Expansion

KKCompany has been actively expanding into overseas markets and has gained recognition and acclaim from customers in the telecommunications, media, fitness, education, and entertainment industries. In recent years, KKCompany has not only expanded its operations in Japan, but also established Cloud Operations Center. 

With the launch of BlendVision One, KKCompany announced its availability on the AWS Marketplace for the first time. Additionally, KKCompany has entered into strategic collaboration with two renowned partners in Japan: Sateraito Office inc. and USEN ICT Solutions CORPORATION (USEN-NEXT GROUP). These partnerships enable KKCompany to extend its cloud multimedia streaming technology to millions of customers worldwide. Together with its partners, KKCompany is well poised to empower enterprise customers for a win-win success.

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